To achieve High Efficiency and International Standard Conveyor System.

Union Belt International Co., Ltd We focus on selecting and importing famous and proper manufacturing technology and innovations.
Aero Press Machine
A belt splice machine from Flexco, a famous manufacturer widely known for its conveyor manufacturing machine product that can do a quick conveyor splicing, takes up around 15-30 minutes on-site. Available in 3 sizes; 300 mm., 600 mm. and 1200 mm. wide.
Guide and Sidewall Welding Machine
A globally trusted guide and side wall welding machine from Holland.
High-Frequency Cleat Welding Machine
A cleat welding machine using a high frequency to generate heat that reduces working time yet, increases welding effectiveness and prettier belt appearance.
Finger Punching Machine
A semi-auto machine that create a finger joint in a quick time period with a stable and efficient pressure.

CNC Machine

Attributes and Benefits CNC is an automatic machine that reduces work complication, helps prevent any mistakes made by human that could happened and helps forecast each project’s production time.

CNC laser Cutting Machine

Attributes and Benefits CNC machine is an automatic system machine that was made for ever-changing products, especially the prototype product, because it can be reprogrammed directly. There are countless numbers of design software in CNC system, so the combination between CNC system and Plasma Cutting can prove that it helps reducing production time and cost yet increasing production accuracy. Therefore, Plasma Cutting CNC Machine is being used for cutting metal.

Pipe and Saw Cutting Machine
Attributes and Benefits This machine was made for reducing the usual cutting time. It has been automatically programmed enabling user to set the material’s length limit, then it will cut the material accurately as set and those materials can be used for further process.
Press Roller
Attributes and Benefits Press roller machine is a heart of manufacturing rollers for connecting 2 sides of housing in order to set 2 materials flexibility.